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Wanna Move to Canada, Eh?

I've had several inquiries from friends in the blogosphere who didn't have Inspector Lohmann's foresight to leave Murka before now, and who now seek my help and advice for how they, too, can move out of the Benighted States of Murka to a place far more civilized (ie, Canada).

(And no, I'm not being facetious — Canada is, truly, far more civilized. For one thing, I'm no longer ashamed of how my tax dollars are disbursed, 'cause it seems to me I see where every dollar is going just by looking outside my window: clean streets, well maintained services, great public transit, excellent emergency services, good schools, efficient health care, etc etc — it ain't going into wars, death, environmental degradation, and CEOs' pockets. And there was no way I was going to raise my young son in Murka; nor do I want him to be called up to fight in imperial wars for a bunch of rapacious, cretinous, sociopathic zealots. (To cite only a few tiny reasons why Canada is vastly preferable to Murka...Someday I will blog at length as to why Canada is superior to Murka.))

Jon Husband and Dave Pollard have started a blog to help such people seeking a way to climb through the window to far more freedom — while it's still open, that is.

The blog can be found here: Moving to Canada, eh?

[added 12/21/04: This is a post I made there: 'We're Glad We Could Help One Escape' — it's a great introduction to the (official) ways one can move here. There are lots of other good articles there too — check it out!]

I have offered my assistance to them in whatever capacity they find I can be of help.

I sincerely hope that decent, intelligent USians will consider moving. Things will get a lot uglier, real soon.