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Panic Induction Stress State Of National Unity Alert Logo [PISSONUAL]

In the interests of social control during difficult times it's important to infix a conditioned reflex in the average Murkan civilian to respond to color-coded terror alerts the way you can get chickens to play basketball.

Hence a new Terror Alert System has been developed to get people to jump as high as you tell them.

Since terrorist attacks can be predicted with the same degree of accuracy as tornadoes and earthquakes you might as well get people used to the idea of living with a vague sense of universal, impending doom. Doing so will help make unruly peasants law-abiding citizens wonderfully malleable (and entertaining!) as you adjust their sense of dread like a rheostat controlling a dining room chandelier.

Now you can do your part to get people to take seriously every pronouncement of the Department That Cries Wolf [DTCW] — add the Panic Induction Stress State of National Unity Alert Logo (PISSONUAL) to your website.

Here's the code:

Thank You!

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Panic Induction Stress State Of National Unity Alert Logo

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