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How An Empire Misses It's Own Joke

Straight from the "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality" file, a glistening example of the humorless political irony that inheres in Empire.

U.S.: 'Time for Syria to withdraw its forces'
Cabinet reiterates its opposition to 1559
By Nada Raad and Nafez Kawas
Daily Star staff
Monday, November 01, 2004

BEIRUT: U.S. Deputy Under-Secretary of State David Satterfield said the presence of a foreign army in another sovereign country was something that could no longer be tolerated.

Speaking during a talk show broadcast Sunday night by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International station (LBCI), Satterfield said the time for such an occupation "was a thing of the past."
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Satterfield added that the U.S. is concerned for the Lebanese people, "who face many social, economic and political problems.

"In addition, the U.S. does not consider that the Lebanese regime has implemented Resolution 1559," which calls for the withdrawal of Syrian forces and for disarming all militias."
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"The controversial way in which President Emile Lahoud's term in office was extended ... and the way the new Cabinet was formed do not reflect the will of the international community as expressed in 1559," he said, adding that Lebanon should be free to make important decisions by itself "without foreign interference."

Satterfield said the Lebanese require "a capable government reflecting the national will, and (which) is capable of dealing with the country's problems."
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Oh, yeah — this is also yet another indication that Syria is definitely in the crosshairs.