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Colbert's Thank Yous

It's a tedious day at work so I've been hitting the refresh button far too much at Thank You Stephen Colbert. I'd say a full third of the comments pertain to the enormity and/or material composition of his gonads.

This is one time when I delight in the fact that the enormity of the support completely overwhelms the few sniggling and pathetic negative comments. The man, after all, has tapped into a mother lode of discontent, and the outpouring of gratitude feels akin to the Parisians welcoming their Allied liberators. Every time I click the refresh once the page loads there's anywhere from one to seven new responses. I'm amazed by the deluge of support. It's a phenomenon. History has been made. It's no wonder the media silence about it is deafening.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share my two favorite comments (so far), both of which made me laugh, though in very different ways.

Peter Says:
May 2nd, 2006 at 4:13 pm

Id like to thank you for exposing the liberal press and those who criticize the president for what they are - anti-American. I long for the day when we can talk openly about the underlying reasons for the decisions the administration makes, unfortunately, that kind of freedom of speech has been squelched by the liberal spin-doctors who try to twist our words and mis-characterize our intentions. Patriotic Americans should not need to have everything spelled out for them. We are a people of faith and we have placed that faith in our president because he has placed his faith in our Savior. That should be good enough for us. On the day when He returns in His glory do we want to say we supported the mob of fornicators and abortionists, or that we supported those who prepared for that day and helped fulfill the prophecies?


Ryan Says:
May 2nd, 2006 at 4:24 pm

It was like you were in prison and Bush was your new cellmate and all you had to say was "it ain't gonna suck itself"

Stephen Colbert, You Da Man!

Personally I would be very surprised if at this point in his faltering imperial rule Bush doesn't quietly make an example of Colbert somehow, say by some mysterious accident. I'd say it's about that time in the tyrant's playbook where the mask needs to come off and the hammer needs to come down. Maybe lob a nuke at Iran? Introduce some local plague? Need something to distract the rubes to make it easier to round them up...