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Media Allergies and (un)Common Sense on Iraq

Because mainstream media is allergic to simple historical common sense you will never hear anything like this on the networks, the newsweeklies, or the dailies:

We are the OCCUPIERS in Iraq. The OCCUPIERS have created institutions - an army, police, and paramilitary death squads among them - that are permanently tainted by our connection to them. When our troops eventually leave, no number of "Marines over the horizon," or punishing air strikes, or "battle-ready battalions" of Iraqis will keep the OCCUPIER'S institutions in place. Resistance, some of it undoubtedly violent, will continue until those institutions are either removed or destroyed.

And that about sums it up.

Too bad so many more will suffer and die just to make a handful of heinous assholes richer. And so history repeats itself...

(from Beware Iraqization by Mike Ferner)

A blipvert summary of BushCo in Iraq:

before: "WMD"
during: "Bring them on!"
now: "Stay the course" & "Failure is not an option"
[after: "Never again..."]

translation: "Fuck you & Shut up! Y'all just keep Killin' & Dyin' until I say stop 'cause me 'n my buddies are makin' silos 'o cash!"

"...the whole force of the State and the plutocracy is devoted to the fostering of unreason."
     —Bertrand Russell