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Judith Miller Bites Dog

Judith Miller is a loathsome human being, seemingly bereft of common sense, humility, and decency. (And seemingly incapable of introspection, too.)

Ben, the charming serial killer in the important pitch-black comedy Man Bites Dog, is accompanied by a documentary film crew on his murderous rounds. At first the crew is objective; but they gradually become complicit, and eventually become his (not so) unwitting accomplices.

And so Judith Miller serves the same function for BushCo, helping serial war criminals commit their crimes against humanity, all for a good story that will shine the lights brighter on her bloodsplattered, sparkling face. And now she seems to be helping them drive the getaway car.

I doubt that she's aware of just what a tool she's been for BushCo: like Leni Riefenstahl, her goals are selfish and not ideological. (Though Riefenstahl's selfishness was a selflessness for her art; Miller just wants the klieg lights. Perhaps Hendrik Hoefgen is closer to the mark.) BushCo has been playing her like a fiddle for their nefarious ends, and she seems completely uncognizant of it. Even now, with her astonishing inability to remember her source, she seems once again to be handing the administration exactly what they want. ("I'm Spartacus! No, I'm Spartacus!") She reminds me of Rummy at his news conference announcing that Murka "won" the war, shamelessly beaming while being sanctimoniously humble and gushing at the same time. It was a disgusting and embarrassing performance by a pathological egomaniac.

And so is she.

And a fatuous tool as well. (As is the NYT in general.) She's a great poster-child for modern-day journalism.

"Ms. Running Amok" indeed.

Note: This article illustrates the extent to which Miller was a BushCo tool. This article illustrates the world she inhabits. [added 10/17/05]