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'Dark Actors Playing Dark Games'

I just learned, via Rigorous Intuition and Xymphora, that reporter Gary Webb was found "suicided" this past weekend. He was an honest journalist, a true investigative reporter, who believed in the merits, practices, and ethics of his profession. Thus, when he broke the story of the irrefutable connections between the CIA and drug trafficking in LA he was ill-prepared for the excoriating treatment he received from his peers.

And now he is dead from (multiple?) "self-inflicted" gunshot wounds to the head.

Sometimes an event comes along that serves to crystallize in one symbolic act the tenor of our times. This is one such for me. Of course there are countless examples, examples that are much more obvious and heinous, but this one just hit me. Someone sought the truth, found it, broadcast it, and paid the ultimate price for it. It proves in a very concrete way, to me, that the gloves are off as BushCo's Ministry of Truth is busy rewriting history reality for us to "judiciously" study.

RI and Xymphora discuss all this with more knowing detail than I possess, so I refer you to them for more information. I'm just thoroughly disgusted right now. These 'dark actors playing dark games' are playing serious hardball, and with complete impunity.

As, I guess, it has always been played...

Someday I will blog about how injustice is more organic, more in tune with nature, than justice; how those in power who promulgate injustice are closer to nature that those who strive for justice. And how this is one of the fundamental problems for human society.