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The Mole in the White House?

I expect it's old news to most of my visitors, but, via Winds of Change, I've just discovered The Voice of the White House at TBRNews.org. He claims to be a staffer at the White House going back to at least the Nixon administration. His job entails web-surfing foreign news. Apparently he runs into Rove now and again for a chat.

I have no idea if this guy is who he claims to be. His stuff sure reads like its entirely credible, but that could be because those of us possessed with some insight into the world are predisposed to accept the veracity of his gossip.

As much as I'd like to believe this guy is for real I'm keeping packets of salt handy. The problem for me is that a political organization (in the sense of office-politics, though at orders of magnitude we can barely comprehend) as intensely paranoid and tight-knit as the BushCo White House would do all it can to rout this person out and make him disappear. After all, how many older staffers are there in the White House assigned to surf the web for foreign news? I expect it's a relatively finite number.

Anyways here, for what it's worth, is an entry from Nov 8:

November 7, 2004: “Many manifestations of pathological glee here in the Monkey Palace these days. We learn that Bush has cut down on his medication because he is euphoric over the election. He claims, and has done so in my presence, that God had given him a complete mandate[ 51 percent and a lot of that outright stolen by the Rove people] to change the political and moral face of America! Rove is behind all of this, telling everyone that God did indeed demand a complete restructuring of the grossly immoral American lifestyle. Homosexuality is to be made illegal [a new Federal law suggested by Delay and firmly endorsed by Rove] a form of Creationism to be taught in all schools, a modified draft, [mostly of technicians], military action against Iran and Syria, a strong message sent to both North Korea, the PRC and Russia to keep out of American business or suffer “serious consequences,” utter destruction of Iraqi cities that harbor any terrorists, regardless of the civilian casualties [‘Nits make lice,” as Rove told me when I mentioned the possibility of large casualties, to include women and children] US to get political control over the Ukraine and other Russian or former Russian areas, the securing of oil areas in Iran and the subsequent cutting off of exports to China [whom Rove loathes] and Japan with all oil being shipped either to the US or England. France, Germany and several other countries to be “starved of oil” for their lack of support for Bush, a board to be set up to control “vile and degrading pornography” in the films coming out of Hollywood and “encouragement” to produce more Mel Gibson-style religious films, the prohibition of any American citizen to make any investments or bank deposits outside the United States and the sequestering of any such funds in countries under treaty with us, resurrection of the old sedition laws to prevent any more criticism of government or what is amounting to the state religion, the overturn of Rove v. Wade and a host of environmental acts that Bush’s business friends claim are restricting their businesses, a strong encouragement to permit open and free immigration by Mexicans [already 13 million here as of two weeks ago] so they can supply American business cheap labor and replace some of the grunt jobs that even India won’t perform, laws to permit off shoring American jobs by business friends to improve their profit margins, investigation of legal possibilities to permit Bush to run again [i.e., lifting the two-term mandate] and the calculated marginalization of the Democrat party and a planned strategy to oust Democrats as state governors. Another planned assault on Democrats in Congress is being worked up even as I write. Rove has told me, and others, that this is to be a one-party state and if he achieves this, it will be his “crowning glory.” This ought to be enough for now. Am sending off the list of patrons of the male whore house and hope you have the guts to publish them. And I ought to tell you that sainted Fat Karl has some very bad things in his own background. Always suspect a man who accuses everyone of sexual deviancy and proclaims themselves to be a paragon of virtue. More on this really ugly subject later when I am able to make Xeroxes of the relevant files [kept in a safe well away from the Monkey Palace]”.

Mole or not, his analyses seem spot on. If not, then, like the novels of Dickens, sometimes fiction tells the truth better than the truth itself.