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National Treasure -- A Blipvert Movie Analysis

National Treasure
'Goonies for Adults'

Note: Major spoilers — don't read if you don't want to ruin the movie for yourself.

The question "Would you sacrifice the life of a loved one to save a piece of paper?" is answered in the affirmative, and this mutual willingness to kill a loved one so as to rescue a symbol helps bring them together.

Let's see. The Knights Templars, a group of rape-and-pillage ex-Crusaders who became bankers to royalty, eventually morphed into wealthy white landowning Freemasons who founded the United States of America. On the back of the the country's founding document is a map that leads to some treasure.

So the secret meaning of the Declaration of Independence, a document created by propertied white male freemasons, is that it's ultimately a map leading to incredible treasure, one that uses a putative democracy to transmute the plunder from heathen lands into mansions and Ferraris for those who know how to read it right.

Sounds right to me — Bruckheimer has produced his first documentary, one ideally suited for our time.