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Another Quick Update -- Good Advice from Mr. Wirearchy

Met Jon Husband (of Wirearchy fame) monday night at a local tavern for another great discussion. One of our many topics was the current article I'm working on. He suggested that perhaps, for a variety of reasons, posting what currently logs in at 120 single-spaced pages as a single item isn't the greatest idea. After much reflection on this (about ten seconds) I realized that maybe he was right.

He also suggested that visual aids might be nice, to help literally illustrate ideas, since slogging through reams of words can get a bit tiresome. I'm taking his advice seriously and may even follow it, even though it means lots more unanticipated work for me.

The working title has always been Of Zombies, Bloggers, and The Will to Power as Disappearance, but Jon hinted that maybe such a title wasn't a real grabber. Fine. (No pleasing some people.)

So in the interests of my own sanity, time, and to get the fucking thing out there without having to complete it all first, I will post the first installment of Of Zombies, Bloggers, and Camouflaged Handshaking hopefully by the beginning of next week.

Thank you, Jon, for everything — it was great to see you again!

Oh, I also discovered that my blog looks like ASS! in some browsers, like Explorer. I've always assumed that it looks great in all browsers, since it looks so good in Safari and Mozilla — the two I most use. But someone once told me that the sidebar was hidden in their Explorer browser, so I took a look and I was stunned at how crappy it looked!

So a request — if you see any obvious problems with my blog in your browser, please let me know. I don't know that I can fix it, but at least I can be frustrated by the knowledge.