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A Sound-Bite Guest Commentary about 'Real Americans' told in a Single Prose Couplet

From the "Ann Coulter Really Is a Dangerously Insane Hate-Drenched Demagogic Harridan Who Should Be Locked Away For Her Own Safety" file, the following is a commentary on one of her commentaries from Capitalist Pig vs Socialist Swine, followed by my commentary of both commentaries:

1st, Coulter:

No matter what defeatist tack liberals take, real Americans are behind our troops 100 percent, behind John Ashcroft 100 percent, behind locking up suspected terrorists 100 percent, behind surveillance of Arabs 100 percent. Liberals become indignant when you question their patriotism, but simultaneously work overtime to give terrorists a cushion for the next attack and laugh at dumb Americans who love their country and hate the enemy.

2nd, CPvsSS:

If I were an "ordinary" American I would [be] a little miffed about the fact that Ann Coulter called me an unthinking, unquestioning, reactionary, saber rattling, terrified racist. "Real" Americans are those who are all about war, backing up John Ashcroft's wonderful plan to turn the US into a police state, locking up people without fair trial and spying on people because of their ethnicity? Wow, I didn't realize that "real" Americans had so much in common with "real" Nazis. I mean what is the US fighting to protect? From what I hear it's freedom. So how do you fight for freedom when you spend all day taking it away from your own citizens?

I would only like to add one thought, and that is that CPvsSS misses the thrust of Coulter's assertion. Coulter is saying that real Americans are behind the troops, Ashcroft, illegal detention, unconstitutional search & seizure, torture, etc. She is defining — not generalizing. She is not saying that the average "ordinary" American is a real American; she is saying that anyone who is not 100% behind the forces of oppression and imperialism is not, by definition, a real American. Thus real Americans have a right — no, a duty! — to denounce liberals (and real conservatives, for that matter) as the anti-Murkan, unpatriotic, ter'rist-loving traitors they are. Thus, by definition, those who don't unthinkingly support imperialism, and its supporting police-state apparatus, have no right to be considered Americans. She is creating a definition that establishes the boundary between "us" and "them" — one that will hopefully serve to make it easier to identify those who won't have to take a train ride in the future. CPvsSS is right, though he doesn't realize it: real Americans, according to Coulter, do have a great deal in common with Nazis. That's why she rabidly hungers for the glorious day when a "final solution" arrives that will solve the "liberal problem."

That she is taken at all seriously as a pundit — one who has access to wide media exposure yet! — is just another dangerous portent for where Murka is heading. Of all the hate-filled invective-spewing demagogues she is the most truly mentally unbalanced; and putting such insane people on such wide display is really a sad form of entertainment. I'm not saying the Succubus belongs in a rubber room where she can safely gnaw her shapely calves while bloody spittle spews from her enreddened mouth; but her kind of venomous demagoguery would be less embarrassing in the local bar of some Podunk where the family tree doesn't fork. (After all, she just wants to have her daddy's baby so she'd be right at home there.)

And yet she gets very wide exposure, doesn't she? Because she serves a purpose, doesn't she?

PS Tom Tomorrow, one of America's most gifted & important political cartoonists, is attacked later in Coulter's article. He proves, in his most excellent blog, that Coulter's assertions that real Americans are "behind Ashcroft 100%" are full of shit. But since when do truth and reality make inroads to the hermetic, manichean, crystalline, self-reflecting thoughts of an insane zealot trapped in poisonous NLP?