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First 'Red-Alert' Poll

Here's a chart that compares Bush's approval numbers to the timeline of terror alerts [via Pierrot's Folly]. It seems that the Department of Homeland Security's Threat Advisory level just coincidentally gets warmer during holidays, dips in Bush's poll numbers, and news cycles ill-favored to BushCo.

Since BushCo will stop at nothing to keep their power, and now that they have this wonderfully effective, general, and arbitrary tool for instituting alarm, insecurity and fear in the populace, you can bet they're going to use it as another tool in their arsenal to maintain their hold on power.

But when?

We haven't had a "Severe" (ie, red level) warning yet. They're saving that for some special day. And what day could be more special than election day? especially considering how the Spanish election earlier this year was affected by a terrorist attack (even though it wasn't necessarily the attack itself, but the government's pathetic lies that affected the outcome)? Wouldn't it provide a wonderfully convenient excuse to (indefinitely) "postpone" the election?

I originally wanted to organize a pool for this (a la Poindexter's DARPA) but that was too creepy. Instead I've added a poll to my sidebar. The question is simply:

When will the Department of Homeland Security issue its first "Severe" [ie, red level] Threat Advisory?

Just curious what other people think about it.