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My Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

The following is an email I believe was accidentally directed.

This man should be a given a spot in the Bush cabinet ASAP! Not only will this gentleman fit right in, but he will provide a much-needed injection of exciting and daring ideas. It's just this kind of weird 'outside-the-box' thinking they need to catalyze their own ossified groupthink to help them develop unique and surprising ways to win the eternal war against global terrorism!

SUBJECT = Urgent How to get the most wanted man in the world in a short time
NAME = Nicolas Massu
MESSAGE = Dear George W. Bush President of USA:

My name is Nicolas Massu and I am currently a resident of Australia and I will be a Citizen in a couple of weeks. I was born In Chile and I am 20 years old. The reason for this letter is that I found a solution that perhaps can deliver Bin Laden or Any terrorist that you and the Pentagon are looking for.

The idea is terribly good is as follows: Get everybody in the world to think Bin Laden's way "let's kill ourselves for our God" is good. You pretend with world leaders that you are killing yourself in National TV and that it looked so real (get ideas from Hollywood) and that you are following his Religion for that time and then US Officials do a ceremony of you death and that they also think that this is true. However Bin laden will think that he has won and is then when he will appear. How? To show his triumph as the new leader who defeated George W. Bush. Throughout this time you have to appoint some one you can trust to do the work for you as you have planed like go and get Bin laden and at what time, while the Vice president takes your place. Because it will be just too obvious if the vice president does it and they will know that it is a trap.

The idea is the best idea I could think of and I am doing it with all my heart George W. Bush to save peoples lives not to kill more lives. That is the only reason I am doing it and also to test if any of my ideas are part of the knowledge that Jehovah has given to me to help you and people at the same time.

Thanks for the time George W. Bush

Nicolas Massu

PS: In any way I am not trying to be offensive here really.
PS 1: I am not the Tennis player really perhaps I am related to him but I don't know in what way.

By the way this has to be confidential between you and me and it can not leave the white house and the Pentagon as it might ruin the Idea. If you want to win the Next Election then start now because there can be an extension and you are going to get the public trust by pretending that you have killed yourself and when you show up again you will get my help to get all the good ideas.

My e-mail is [EXCISED]

I need a reply from you as soon as possible because I am not working and I am planning to do other good things to help people and get other people that are in politics to give me ideas to give you ideas. If we all work together as one Mr. George W. Bush we can combat terrorism I am sure of that.