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Xymphora — a Blipvert Appreciation for an Important Blogger

Just a heartfelt "Thanks!" to Xymphora for helping me understand the Canadian election results.

I haven't been paying the attention I ought, seeing as it's my new country and all, so I thank him for providing an analysis I trust. And I do trust it, since what I was able to determine for myself he confirmed as correct, such as the Canadian press's bias in favor of a conservative victory.

I don't have any idea who this blogger is (hell, I don't have any idea who any blogger is!), but he is one of the most brilliant, incisive, sophisticated political analysts I'm aware of. I trust him implicitly (as much as I can trust any of them, that is). So, Xymphora, if you should ever deign to read my humble little blog, please accept my thanks for putting yourself out there!