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'sociopathic behavior becoming the norm'

It's all falling apart.

A frightening, astute comment by Galen April 16th, 2008 12:04 pm following this article:
Capitalism that holds the reigns of government is FASCISM!

There are multiple revolving doors between government, industry and the intelligence services.

Therefore, there are multiple avenues for evil men to come to power, and many of them are corrupt beyond the concept.

A new study was recently released that stated that sociopathic behavior was becoming the accepted norm.

Given the polluted society (North America) that was examined, it’s no surprise. All you have to do is listen on the street corners to hear the youth of today brag about how often they are arrested and jailed. How women and girls are degraded sexually by their male peer and the fashion industry. And take into account how utterly pervasive technology that separates you from daily human contact has become. Cars, cellphones,i-Pods. All DESIGNED to ISOLATE you from your fellow human being.

If you do not know who your fellows are, you care nothing about them, and therefore can feel no empathy for them. This allows you to behave in ways unthinkably barbaric to them. QED.

This present form of capitalist consumerism masquerading as government and society is the ultimate expression of greed and inhumanity. we have become, LITERALLY, nothing more than cogs and gears in a vast money machine that runs on blood.

This, too, is also an important observation in the same comment section by TrudyS April 16th, 2008 11:36 am:
This reminds me of an Einstein quote: “Two things are infinite:the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

No matter how many times the stock market crashes, or inflation wipes out savings, or corporate scandals are exposed, people continuely clammer for investment portfolio’s or real estate speculation so that they can become rich beyond their wildest dreams. Greed is rampant but no one sees it in themselves, only in those with more than they have. Avarice (greed for those who don’t know what avarice means) is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Unfortunately, like too many other things it gets glossed over or ignored completely. The blame for the situation we find ourselves in goes all around, how many people supported de-regulation in order to get ‘government off our backs’? How many people agreed that all government agencies should be run like businesses?

Until we recognize our own culpability in all of this, nothing will change. One of the ‘family values’ that so many people embrace should be sharing and caring without judgement and teaching our children that greed is dangerous to all.

I have come to the conclusion that Greed really is the most deadly of the seven deadly sins. Greed is not only the psychopathy that defines our epoch, it is the very hermeneutic filter of our worldview, the religious ether of our time that compels conformity. BushCo, the bankers, the entire financial system driving the world to what may be its eschatological denouement are the modern economic incarnation of Torquemada and his Inquisition, compelling obedience to the Word of Private Property under pain of genocidal death. No one is without sin, and all must be converted.