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A Quick Modern-American History Lesson

A comment left by #luckylefty December 10th, 2007 2:40 pm at this article by Chris Hedges (which includes this wonderful quote: Acts of resistance are moral acts. They begin because people of conscience can no longer tolerate abuse and despotism. They are carried out not because they are effective but because they are right...Resistance is about affirming life in a world awash in death.):
Thomas Albright:

“I think things have come to the point where patriots have to be willing to go to jail to change things. Not just a few, but many. That is what it will take. In fact, we have been at that point since at least o4.”

Make that 1964. Yes, we took some steps. They were real. We actually started to make real differences in this country. Our actions, opening the doors of economic opportunity and civil rights for minorities and women; our actions opposing our colonial war of conquest in Vietnam; our actions to stop the wholesale degradation of the workplace and the environment - triggered a backlash that has found its fulfillment in George W. Bush. In the meantime, over the last 40 years, the richfilth have successfully retaken America. After 40 years of aggressive Class War, we now have the distribution of wealth we had back in 1880.

The first wave of this Assault on America was a pincer movement: Civil Authority & Wall Street. Civil Authority led the way with COINTELPRO & MK ULTRA. Short version of this strategy can be simply stated: Infiltrate the Movements; Kill, neutralize, or falsely imprison the leaders; Terrorize & atomize the followers. This strategy was fully implemented by all Authority: State/Local/Federal. In some places nearly half the people on the steering committees were State, Local, Fed cops. And these were people peacefully protesting and exercising their Right of Free Speech guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. WE WERE ENEMY #1. “Opposition to the war in this country is the greatest single weapon working against the US,” candidate Nixon ’68 to VFW in NY. You can make your own list of those executed, hounded into silence or suicide, or falsely imprisoned.

Once the Feds broke the movements, Wall Street went to work. Actually, they started with Taft-Hartley and started moving manufacturing out of the heavily unionized Northeast to the low wage South and West. By the mid 60’s the majors were going to the Machiladoras. Starting in the early ‘70’s, Wall Street started off-shoring middle class union jobs to slave labor pits around the globe. By the 80’s with Ray-gun the job loss through off-shoring and LBO/devour arbitrage was full steam. During this period, having broken the movements for Economic & Social Justice, Wall Street and Feds worked together again by implementing a strategy called: The Gold or the Bullet. So when domestic Leaders arose, they got bought off or they went bye-bye. Ritual Defamation has worked massively well back to Rome & Athens. The ones who got bought off got their grants every year, never pissed off anybody, and succeeded by failing. Here’s the critical point:

The glue that made all this possible: White Male Supremacy & Gender Slavery. This is Nixon’s Southern Strategy after LBJ lost the Dixiecrats in ‘64/’65 by passing, under immense pressure, the Civil Rights & Voting Rights Acts. Racism & Women’s Rights. “Pluck the magic twanger froggie – Hiya Kids, Hiya Hiya.” As the jobs went away, as the misery index rose, Fundamentalism, fully funded & supported by the most far right richfilth in America, was waiting with open arms to receive the people America (and the Democrats) abandoned. Mega-churches fed their racism a beggar’s banquet. Told them women were the source of Evil in the world and have to be subordinated to a White Male. Fed them daily scapegoats to blame for the ills of their lives. And of course in that world women cannot be allowed economic or biological self-determination – hence – Gender Slavery.

So no, nobody’s marching. Damn few gonna go to jail. Are you going to pay my rent when I go to the pokey for 6 months (it’s a tiny 1 bd for $1000/mo and that’s cheap here)? Fuck me. Right? I did what I wanted to do, right? So I should accept the consequences of my actions, right? Are you going to hire me when I have a police record for “whatever”? They call that YOYO. You are on your own. If you believe that, your belief makes you a Republican. Don’t fret. If you are, you are part of the Silent Majority. You will not be taken to the camps, unless by mistake. Unfortunately, the Masters never admit they make a mistake.

The comfort I have is the sure and simple understanding that whatever we do now, the Party is over. You need only read the pages of this website for more than a few days and you know. Nothing here will change until the Monster Shatters, and it will, because everything else is changing. Richfilth lack the genes for flexibility and self-restraint. They want only one thing. Richfilth for 4000 years have only wanted one thing: Everything, Forever. They can’t help themselves, they’re Parasites.

Shock & Awe? Wait til you wake up one Monday morning and your rent just multiplied x3, and gasoline is x3, and food is x3. And the only thing that isn’t x3, is your wages. That’s when the icy knife of fear goes deep into your guts. It is the moment when the prey knows it is about to be eaten. Bet on it. You’ll be in very good company however. Hundreds of Black men knew exactly the same fear when they saw the torchlight mob out the window of their jail cell. In that moment you will know who you really are. Consider it the wages of the Sin. The sin of forgetting, WITT, we are in this together.