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Cagan, She Wolf of Homeland Security

The She Wolf of Homelan d Security

Here's Nazi Chic BushCo Babe Debra 'I hate all Iranians' Cagan. This unholy spawn of BushCo-Nazi inbreeding is yet another blatant proof that more attendees from the Wannsee Conference have reincarnated in the boardrooms of BushCo.

But we should be careful to note that though Rosa Klebb Debra Cagan may hate all Iranians, it's not for any baroquely grand racial or political ideology. She may harbor a genuine hatred of The Other common to all faux-aristo Trogs like the rest of her BushCo clan; but, deep down, it's really nothing personal — it's just the serviceable symptom of a business strategy hatched by fanatical partisans. Fundamentally, BushCo's intended Final Solution for Iraq and Iran — and any other resource rich, refractory country — is for no greater reason than clearing the land of its verminous natives (ie: sinful heathen not converted to the gospel of Trog-neoliberalism) the easier to loot it. It's all just part of neoliberalism's global manifest destiny. (And littering the land with depleted uranium is kinda slow. Nukes are gonna be so much quicker.)

How much more obvious can it be by now that SPECTRE has taken over the White House?

(And guess what? 007 works for them (in fact, he always has), and he's got lots of new toys at his disposal developed by his pal Q.)