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casus belli

Anonymous said...


In a previous post you had mentioned at China and how quiet they have been...

In March as the world's attention was on Ukraine, China was finalizing a deal with New Zealand to trade only using their own currency, bypassing the Petrodollar.



And in April, same for Australia:


14 May, 2014 17:19

Anonymous said...

Well, you're halfway there.

Why has Washington mounted the most sustained propaganda campaign since probably the Korean War? What is going on in the US media is like nothing I have ever seen before.

What is more, although it is carefully unsaid, between every single line is: WAR. Something in the US wants WAR. And whatever that something is, it is at least so powerful that it can control the entirety, repeat the entirety, of the US media.


The answer is that it is not just Ukraine. The entirety of Europe has failed. The US has failed. Specifically, shipping jobs overseas has resulted in domestic populations that cannot function. And the problem is getting worse. Much worse.

Case in point. Europe is sliding into deflation. Deflation reliably destroys the debtor, read "poor", class. Europe society is about to implode.

It's not just Ukraine, and the only solution is war. A real war. With a real adversary. And they have picked their adversary: Vladimir Vladimirovich.

The only problem as you point out is that V. V. is not playing. He understands the game perfectly.

What we will see within 12 months is a false flag casus belli.

14 May, 2014 17:31