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Maybe Some Chemical Crowd Dispersal Will Learn 'Em!

Q: What do you get when you cross a Police State, Frustrated Students, and Freedom of Assembly?

Chemical spray used on students

Manual High group was protesting time given to get to classes, saying it's inadequate.

A peaceful student sit-in turned unruly at Manual High School, and school police used a chemical spray to disperse the crowd Thursday afternoon.
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About 100 students were in a hallway when police sprayed several bursts of the chemical in the air to disperse the crowd. No injuries were reported.

Those students had been among about 400 protesting the lack of time they have to pass between classes before being marked tardy. Students now have five minutes to change classes.

Construction in some areas of the Southside high school makes it difficult to get from one side of the building to another.

Students caught in hallways after the late bell are written up; three write-ups result in a one-day in-school suspension.
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But police said one group became disruptive, using profanity, banging on the school office doors and knocking over trash cans. It was then that the chemical spray was used.
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Let's see, construction at the school is causing students to be late to class; students are punished for being late; students stage a protest — they want to get to class on time 'cause it's unfair to punish 'em for being late; some students act up; cops fire chemicals at group of high school kids.

Another great example of education in Murka. Today's classes: Civic Responsibility; Conflict Resolution; Modern History; Government Studies 401; Bio-Chemistry.