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Stages of Grief -- Murka Variant

When Abraham Lincoln was shot, it took an entire century to come up with the President's Day Mattress Sale. But it's all part of America's stages of grief - denial, anger, depression, acceptance and exploitation!

This from a rant of Lewis Black on The Daily Show. An article from the Edmonton Sun provides the background for his outrage:

Even for him, Lewis Black has been angry lately. The Daily Show's most caustic commentator fairly burst a blood vessel on Sept. 11 with a rant on various products being marketed around what some are now calling Patriot Day.

Among the merchandise: A Beanie Baby called Valor the Eagle ("born on Sept. 11"); a box of gourmet cookies called "a tower to celebrate America" ("It's so delicious, you'll wish every day was Sept. 11," Black says) and - believe it or not - a "legally authorized government coin" commemorating the event, struck with silver saved from a vault below Ground Zero.

Here's the coin he refers to. Order Now! only $23.45 incl S&H.

(Sometimes I almost wish I would watch TV again — seems like there might actually be some things worth watching...but then I come to my senses.)

[link to coin via gothamist]