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Credibility Props

I just came across the term "credibility prop" and instantly found it to be one of the most pregnant terms I've ever heard.

It was used as a technical term for urban infiltration (— a hobby (or, really, more of a lifestyle to some) introduced to me by a workmate from Sydney, Australia, who does it himself; it has a cadre of devoted enthusiasts).
(Eg: "Hotel towels and wetness are very powerful credibility props" for gaining entrance to hotel pools you have no right to visit.)

But expand the context and you suddenly have a key that unlocks the mystery of the power of authority.
(Eg: lab coats; suits & ties; stage lighting; talking heads; podium & lectern; flags & emblems; powdered wigs & black robes; charts, graphs, & tables; steely stare, firm handshake, even voice; etc.)