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Risk, WWIV Variant

It may be, in the short view, that Israel is losing. But a good game player always takes advantage of an opening. Right now pieces are being strategically positioned on the gameboard while the diplomacy is heated. The next few moves will be decisive.

Walking home last night I saw a headline announcing that the US is pushing for a NATO presence in Lebanon. My very first thought was of the way nations dragged each other into World War I based upon their previous alliances and treaties, and that if the US successfully pulls NATO onto Israel's side to quell Hezbollah then the gates of WWIV will officially open.

But then, when I saw a headline this morning about the US wants Peacekeepers: Bold proposal sees international force deployed across breadth of Lebanon I finetuned my initial reaction, and thought immediately of Syria. (I also thought of the way the US always seeks legal cover and friends to join them in their criminal enterprises...)

I've notated elsewhere the degree to which BushCo has long planned for a "regime change" in Syria. If BushCo succeeds in getting an international force NATO deployed as a "peacekeeping" force in Lebanon the "international force would be right up to the Syrian border". The US would then have forces stationed on the west in Lebanon (within rocket range of Damascus), on the east in Iraq, and, if NATO is pulled in, from the north in Turkey. It doesn't take a huge leap to figure out what comes next: fabricate some lame and transparent excuse to invade Syria, just as Israel did to invade Lebanon (or the US did to invade Iraq (or Afghanistan (or Nicaragua (or Haiti (or Cambodia (or the Philippines (or ...))))))). I expect that part of Dr. Rice's vision for a "new" Middle East includes a lot more pain, death, tragedy and grief for innumerable people to help soften up the road to Damascus.

It's hard to say right now who's using whom to further their objectives. I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that one of the reasons for Israel's incursion into Lebanon was to put into motion both Israel's and the US's long-term objective to finally go after Syria: Israel razes Lebanon, the US comes in to "secure the peace", then together they go after the first of their two prime objectives. (ie: after Syria, Iran) Not only do I think it's reasonable to believe this, I think we're watching the next big play on the Risk gameboard unfolding right now, a joint play by both Israel and the US. (The disgusting insouciance with which BushCo pro-actively repudiated any efforts to stop Israel's aggression suggests that BushCo was waiting for (and providing the space for) Israel to finish its move before making their own. Dr. Rice, waiting offstage in the green room, has finally received her cue and is now onstage to put the next move in play.)

It's like a global WWF tag-team match, with Israel and the US against the rest of the world. Unfortunately the match will be a long one, with a great many losers and no clear winners — except, of course, for the Vorocrats.

Alexander Cockburn, easily one of my favorite journalists, provides some vital history to what's going on. It's essential reading. He also mentions a site that provides wrenchingly painful images of what war does to real people (including little children) — it's very graphic and disturbing, full of images you will not see on CNN, and which may very well burn permanent scars in your brain.