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I'm Back [officially]

Even though I've been posting off and on since I announced a few weeks ago that I was taking a hiatus, I would now like to make it official that I have returned. I guess blogging for me has become an addiction — an addiction I felt I had to kick for a variety of reasons, some valid, most not. But, ultimately, I feel that I've finally found my medium for self-expression, so I was destined to return.

I would like to give my warm and sincere thanks to Harry, Jon, Tutor, Dennis T, Jim "Sweetcheeks" P, and Donna M for their encouragement and support — you've all helped hasten my return far sooner than I had anticipated, and helped me realize that — to be true to myself — this was something I had to do.

(Thank you also to Rick, Bruce, and Sunil Sharma for your kindnesses.)

As you can see I've got a new look. Though I may not have been posting as much as I would have liked during this time, I have been learning CSS, and have been having fun developing this new skin. I haven't tested it in all browsers so please let me know of any wonkinesses that shows up.

Finally, to thank my peers in the blogging community I would like to give them a treat they may use (or not) as they see fit. I'll be posting it very soon.

It's good to be back.